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Professional luggage repair services are designed to maintain your travel goods in pristine condition. Our skilled technicians replace damaged buckles, handles, and wheels to ensure that your luggage is prepared for your next journey. Don’t let damaged luggage ruin your travel plans. Our professional team specializes in repairing damages, replacing locks, and restoring the structural integrity of your bags. Put your luggage repair requirements in our hands. With years of industry experience, we provide meticulous attention to detail, using high-quality materials and techniques to bring your beloved bags back to life so that you can travel with confidence.


Bag Repair Dubai

Indeed bags are a very important Indeed bags are a very important part in our daily life. This is an essential part of our daily routine as we have to carry the bag around for different purposes. When going shopping or traveling, high school students and college students carry bags for study materials, women carry bags for fashion, and businessmen carry bags for important documents. From school to picnics, using a bag is a must. Here are more details about bags and bag repair in Dubai. This article covers the following topics:

The following topics will be covered in this article:

1- How many types of Bag

2- Top Bag Brands In Dubai

3- What Damages can Occur to Your Bag

4- Types of Bag Repairs

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How Many Types Of Bags:

There are many types of bags available in the market for different purposes and these bags are: 

Check-in Luggage

The Luggage is a storage container for a traveler uses to keep his belongings for travelling purpose.


Suitcases are usually used as Hand Carry Luggage which can contain some important documents and files

Hard Case Luggage

Hard Case Luggage is also a kind of luggage that has a strong and solid body compare to other luggage.

Golf Travel Bag

Hassle for Golf Players for carry damage bag is no more as Dubai Repairs is providing Golf Bag Repair Service.

Messenger Bags


It always has a long strap and is also worn cross-body. Common to delivery use another name for these bags is courier bag.

Soft Case Luggage


Soft Case Luggage is traveling luggage that has a soft fabric body. They are more durable than other luggage and easy to carry

Doctor’s Bag


This large bag was originally utilized by doctors to hold their provides after they created house calls.

Camera Case Bags


These are baggage with compartments within to hold the camera and accessories like battery, lens, etc.

What Damages Can Occur to your Bag:

Damages can happen at any time to your bags whether it is Traveling Baggage or Women’s Handbags. So, now we are going to discuss those damages that you can fix with Bag repair and Luggage Repair Dubai services:

Broken Zipper

A Broken Zipper is one of the most common issues which can happen to any bag. They can break as time goes on, or when we zip or unzip too roughly and too regularly.


Sometimes the bag’s stitching gets torn which reduced a bag to be completely useless if proper action is not taken within a certain time period.

Wheel Damage

In Baggage or Trolley Bag, Wheel damage is not an uncommon issue. While traveling, the wheel can get out of alignment or break.

Handle Repair

A Handle sometimes gets removed while carrying the bag. Perhaps it gets completely off or sometimes gets out of its position.

Interior Cover

The Interior covers or sheet is very rare to get damaged. It does not get repaired or replaced by any technicians because it needs professional skills which Repairing Services Dubai has.

Repairing Services Dubai offers the best Bag repair Dubai services in town. Repairing Services Dubai is a well-known company who are expert in Bag repair and all types of trolleys. Therefore it has many customers and offers services all over Dubai.

Types of Bag Repair Dubai by RSD:

Bags can be of many types depending on their usage, the bag can serve many purposes depending on its size and shape.

1. Shoulder bag

These bags can also have different sizes and shapes.

2. Backpack

These bags have also a care capacity and can be hung on the shoulders of people of all ages especially youngsters and college-going males and females.

3. Hobo bag

These also have a large capacity, carried on the shoulder with one close main compartment.

4. Purse

These are also specially designed for women to keep and carry all the important items with them such as money, cash, makeup, and keys.

5. Briefcase

Briefcases are bags meant to be carried around. They are usually unable to hold anything too heavy in width, which is varying when it comes to material.

6. Suitcase

Suitcases are very large bags, often equipped with wheels and a pullable handle to drag around. The handle can go down with a push downward, this is usually done in case you want to pick it up. They are mainly used during travel since they can hold so much without being hard to carry around.

7. Makeup bag

Makeup bags also have small, medium, and large sizes depending on the items and how many of them the bag is built to carry.

8. Pencil case

These are small bags also used to store and organize pencils and other stationery items.

9. School bag

These bags are also used for carrying books, laptops, and other study materials to schools, colleges, and universities.

10. Gym bag

 Gym bags usually contain gym clothes, but it isn’t uncommon that users fill them with other items.

11. Laptop bag

This bag is used for carrying laptops. Students and employees of varying professions can often be spotted taking these bags to their schools, colleges, universities, offices, or businesses.

12. Tote bag

It’s a bag that is meant to be used by travelers, or tourists who hang these bags atop their shoulders to easily transport their personal belongings while traveling.

How can you get RSD’s Bag Repair Dubai Service?

Many people inquire about what’s the process to get our Luggage repaired so here it is the complete details. There are two processes from which you can get high-quality service for your bag repair in Dubai:

1- Walk In Repair Service

2- Book Pick & Drop Service.

1- Walk In Bag Repair Dubai Service:

 Repairing Services Dubai operates its Service Center in Al Karama which is in Karama Gold Building, Shop No G-16. Here you can bring your Luggage anytime from 9 am till 9 pm. The process is simple as the representative will check your luggage and will quote you the best possible price and give you the time to collect your repaired and ready bag.

Here are our location details: 

Store Name: AlJanah AlSaree Electric Household Repairing.

Shop Number: G-16

2- Book Pick & Drop Service

For Pick & Drop, you have to share the picture of your Bag with the damaged area highlighted. After checking the pictures, our expert will inform you of the charges for repairing your bag and will book the time for when you can give our professionals your bag. After repair, RSD’s team will deliver your bag at a decided time.

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