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Doll House Repair

Doll House Repair

You are the proud owner of a cherished doll house, filled with tiny furniture and lovingly decorated rooms. But over the years, small pieces have broken off, wallpaper peeled, and floors show signs of wear. Your miniature home is ready for some expert care to restore it to its former glory. RSD, a professional doll house repair service in Dubai, has the skills to sensitively bring new life to your treasured doll house. With an eye for detail and passion for perfection, our experienced team delicately mends broken elements, touches up paint, and returns shine to your doll house’s floors and fixtures.

Doll House Repair

Trust RSD to lovingly refresh your doll house to pristine condition, reviving happy memories and preserving this special heirloom for future generations. We look forward to discussing your doll house repair needs and crafting a custom restoration plan tailored just for you. Contact RSD today to schedule a consultation.

Introduction to RSD Doll House Repair Service

RSD is a professional doll house repair and restoration company based in Dubai, UAE. Our team of experienced craftsmen has been providing specialized doll house repair and renovation services since 2010.

Skilled Technicians

Our technicians are highly skilled in repairing and restoring dollhouses of all sizes, styles, and materials. They have expertise in woodwork, electrical systems, plumbing, flooring, and all other aspects of dollhouse construction and renovation.

Customized Services

We provide customized repair and renovation services based on the unique needs of each doll house and owner. Our technicians carefully evaluate the condition of the entire doll house to determine necessary repairs to structural elements, fixtures, furnishings, and decor. They then provide a detailed estimate for required services to restore the doll house to like-new condition.

High-Quality Materials

We use only high-quality, doll house-appropriate materials for all repairs, renovations, and replacements. These include scale lumber, wiring, plumbing, wallpapers, flooring, and miniature furnishings that match the style and era of the doll house. Our goal is to replicate original materials and craftsmanship as closely as possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

RSD guarantees complete satisfaction with all dollhouse repair and renovation services. We proudly stand behind our workmanship and materials. If any issues arise within six months of service completion, we will promptly send a technician to evaluate and remedy the situation at no additional cost. We aim to provide peace of mind that your doll house is in expert hands.

Doll House Repair

RSD Doll House Repair Service has a reputation for excellence, experience, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation and estimate for any doll house repairs or renovations you require. Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss how we can restore your miniature masterpiece to pristine condition.

Our Expert Doll House Repair Services

We at RSD offer professional doll house repair and renovation services using high-quality materials and employing time-tested techniques. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience handling doll houses of any age, size, or architectural style.

Structural Repairs

If your doll house has damage to its structural elements like walls, floors, staircases, or railings, our team can repair or rebuild them to restore stability and safety. We use wood, metal, and adhesives specifically intended for doll house construction to seamlessly integrate new structural components.

Aesthetic Upgrades

To improve the appearance of your doll house, we provide services like exterior painting, wallpapering, and siding installation. Our in-house designers can also suggest period-appropriate decors, color schemes, and architectural details to enhance the realism and charm of your doll house.

Electrical Rewiring

We are experts in doll house electrification and rewiring. If your doll house’s existing wiring has deteriorated or is unsafe, we can install new wires, lighting fixtures, and electrical components to the latest safety standards. We only use wires, connectors, and fixtures specifically designed for doll houses to minimize risks.

Doll House Repair

With decades of dollhouse repair expertise and an uncompromising commitment to quality, RSD is the contractor of choice for dollhouse owners in Dubai seeking professional renovation and restoration services. Our team approaches each project with care, skill, and dedication to ensure an outcome that exceeds your expectations. For any doll house repair or upgrade needs, do get in touch with us for a free consultation. We look forward to restoring and enhancing your miniature masterpiece!

How long does doll house repair take?

The time required for doll house repair depends on the extent of damage or issues with your doll house. Minor repairs like replacing broken windows, fixing loose railings, or repainting faded exteriors typically take a few hours to a couple of days. Extensive restoration jobs such as repairing water damage, rebuilding entire rooms or sections, re-wiring the electrical system, or replacements can take several weeks to months depending on the size and complexity of the doll house. Our expert technicians will thoroughly evaluate your doll house and provide an estimated timeline for completing the necessary repairs.

Do we repair vintage doll houses?

Yes, we have specialized expertise in repairing and restoring vintage doll houses. Our technicians are trained in traditional doll house building techniques and use period-appropriate materials and tools to preserve the authenticity of vintage doll houses. We handle repairs for doll houses from all eras including Victorian, Edwardian, Arts & Crafts, etc. If any parts need replacement, we source vintage materials to match the original as closely as possible.


You have just learned the basics of dollhouse repair and maintenance from RSD, a professional dollhouse repair company in Dubai. With some simple tools, patience, care, and tips, your cherished dollhouse can be restored to its former glory. Taking good care of your dollhouse ensures it will continue bringing joy for years to come. Don’t hesitate to reach out to RSD for personalized advice or services – we would be delighted to help you preserve your dollhouse heirlooms. With a bit of time and effort, those precious playsets from your childhood can come alive again for a new generation.

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