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2 BHK Painting

2 BHK Painting

As a homeowner, you know that painting the interior of your residence can completely transform its aesthetic. When done correctly, a fresh coat of paint can modernize a space, create a greater sense of warmth and welcome, and increase your property value. For a 2 BHK residence, the painting process requires care and expertise to ensure every room achieves your desired look. Rather than taking on this extensive project yourself, partner with RSD’s professional painting services. With years of experience providing 2 BHK painting in Dubai, RSD has the skills to actualize your interior design vision. Allow their team to handle the intensive prep work, priming, painting, and finishing touches, delivering you a revitalized home you’ll be excited to show off. Contact RSD today to learn more about their 2 BHK painting services and schedule a consultation.

2 BHK Painting

Professional 2 BHK Painting by RSD

Selecting Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors is an important first step. Consult with our professional designers to determine a color scheme that complements your home’s architecture and interior design. We offer a wide range of color options from major paint brands to suit any style.

Preparing the Walls

Before painting, our team will inspect your walls to check for any damage or imperfections. We will repair minor cracks and holes, and then sand rough surfaces to ensure an even coat of paint. For the best results, we recommend applying a primer to any dark walls before the topcoat.

Purchasing High-Quality Supplies

We use premium paints and supplies from reputable brands like Dulux, Berger, and Asian Paints to achieve a flawless finish. Our painting crews are fully equipped with brushes, rollers, trays, drop cloths, tape, and all other necessary tools to complete the job efficiently.

Hiring Skilled Painters

Our experienced painters have years of training and expertise in painting residential and commercial properties in Dubai. They take great care to protect floors, furniture, and trims before painting. They apply at least two coats of paint for maximum coverage and an attractive finished look. For the best results, hire our professional painters to transform your 2 BHK.

The 2 BHK Painting Process


To begin, you will need to prepare the space by clearing the rooms of furniture and covering floors, trim, and fixtures. Protective drop cloths, tape, and primer may be used. It is best to work in sections, completing one room or one wall at a time.

Applying Primer

For the best results, apply a primer to any bare or repaired wall surfaces. The primer ensures proper adherence to the new paint. Two coats of primer may be needed for the best finish. Allow each coat to dry as directed before applying another.

Paint Application

You will then apply two coats of your selected wall paint, waiting for each coat to dry completely between applications. Use a roller for large, open areas and a brush for cutting corners and edges. For the smoothest finish, apply the paint in even strokes, reloading the roller or brush frequently.

Trim and Doors

Once the walls are complete, you can paint the trim, doors, and ceilings. Remove hardware from doors and tape off any adjacent surfaces. Apply at least two coats of paint, waiting for each to dry in between. Reinstall hardware and touch up as needed.

Clean-Up and Final Details

Finally, thoroughly clean the work area by collecting all paint supplies, and dropping cloths, tape, and debris. Touch up any final spots needing attention. Ventilate and wait for all surfaces to cure completely before moving furniture back into the space. With the proper process and patience, you will achieve a professional DIY result in your 2 BHK home.

2 BHK Painting

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When the painting project is complete, there are a few final steps to ensure you get the most out of your new coat of paint. Allowing the paint to cure properly, washing the walls, spot touch-ups, and general maintenance are all important to keep in mind.

Allow adequate time for the paint to cure

The curing process allows the paint to fully dry and harden. During this time, the solvents in the paint evaporate and the resin bonds tightly to the wall surface. For most latex or acrylic paints, the curing time is around two to four weeks. Avoid cleaning the walls or hanging heavy items during this period. The cure time will provide the most durable finish.

Clean the walls carefully

Once cured, you can gently wipe down the walls with a damp, soft cloth to remove any remaining dirt or debris. Use a specialized wall cleaner or a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, and solvents which can damage the fresh paint. Rinse the walls with water and let the air dry completely.

Perform touch-ups as needed

Inspect the walls closely for any spots that need touch-up paint. Use a small angled brush to carefully apply touch-up paint to any cracks, holes, or imperfections in the surface. Touch-up paint may not match perfectly, so apply it sparingly. For larger areas, consider repainting the entire wall to ensure an even finish.

Maintain your new paint job

To keep your new paint looking its best for years to come, dust and wash the walls regularly and be careful not to nick or scratch the surface. Avoid hanging heavy art or mirrors for at least a month after painting. Place felt pads under furniture and accessories. With proper care and maintenance, your new paint job will provide an attractive finish for many years.

2 BHK Painting

For a professional painting service and expert advice on caring for your new coat of paint, contact RSD Painting today. Our skilled team of painters has years of experience transforming homes in Dubai with beautiful, durable finishes.


You have now gained insight into RSD’s professional 2 BHK painting services in Dubai. Our team brings years of experience and expertise to every project, using only the highest-quality paints and tools. By choosing us for your apartment painting needs, you can feel confident knowing the job will be completed properly, on time, and budget. Do not wait to transform your living space – contact RSD today to schedule a free estimate. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to discuss your vision, provide solutions, and deliver results that will make your home look brand new. Refresh and rejuvenate your apartment with RSD.

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